Exclusive: Overcoming Ghost Town

Chris Sheldrake

Two weeks ago we told you about the series of four white papers that LocaModa CEO, Stephen Randall had recently completed and today exclusively we bring you Part III – Overcoming Ghost Town – Leveraging the Network Effect to Enhance the Interactive Experience on Digital Out of Home Networks

You can download it here as a PDF. The series as a whole focuses on establishing best practices for the DOOH Industry, based in large part on years of LocaModa’s empirical observations.

Part III explains that the success of engaging users via interactive social media on Digital Out of Home displays is highly dependant on location, audience and the context and user interface features.

Many text-to-screen applications do not have the luxury of running in locations that are crowded every day, and the worst user experience for user generated content (UGC) is to metaphorically crash an empty party.

A screen with no messages or old messages is a poor advocate for participation. This ‘Ghost Town’ problem can be cured by leveraging other messages from locations that are contextually connected to each other.

Yet again, another must read!

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