Gribeauval Gone From Pixman

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Just two weeks ago, we were discussing the restructuring being done at Montreal-based Pixman Nomadic Media Inc. and were forecasting that there would be interesting cuts.

Well, it looks like it has started at the top, with Philippe Gribeauval, who has resigned as CEO, president and director.

Daniel Langlois, chairman, (and actually the better known name within the industry) is taking over as interim chief executive while the company’s Board seeks a replacement for Gribeauval.

A press release of two weeks ago noted that Pixman’s Board planned to act quickly to reduce spending and temporarily reduce its workforce as a result of its weak sales performance over the first three-quarters of this year.

“While we are disappointed that the company’s sales forecast and objectives have not been met, it is important to understand that our main business model does not rely only on short term revenues derived from traditional advertising campaigns,” Langloissaid in a statement.

Pixman has its own patented multimedia system that provides an alternative means of promoting brands, products and services to consumers through mobile devices. In addition, it has developed PixPal, which is intended to create virtual communities that allow users to interact with each other.

So far, we haven’t heard of other losses in the workforce, temporary or otherwise.

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