More About Carphone Warehouse

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

There’s a great article by Joanna Perry over at Retail Week entitled “Through the looking glass” where she explores in more depth the Carphone Warehouse story we started last week.

Some interesting points that come out of her story…

  • Carphone Warehouse has chosen to put the system on a timer that turns the software on at 7am and off at 11pm (the thinking behind this is that people can use the touchscreen when the store is closed, but that after 11pm you probably wouldn’t want people to be using the system)
  • Carphone Warehouse Vision, as it is called, was created by the Belfast-based company Origin Partners
  • There has been only mixed success when it comes to capturing consumer data through the window (surprise surprise)
  • The iPhone and the BlackBerry have been the most popular products requested / researched to date
  • The Orange store around the corner on Carnaby Street also has an interactive window display – in this instance a gesture based system installed in conjunction with a large projector screen.
  • It’s less focused on product advertising than CPW but instead profiles content from the company’s Orange World mobile portal, such as news, games, music videos and film trailers.

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