Futuramedia Runs Ethical Health Campaigns

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Futuramedia’s network of 3,000 digital screens, ‘Futurapharma’, has recently been chosen to run Prevention and Ethical Health campaigns such as those on Hepatitis B (Brystol-Myers Squibb Laboratories); Hypertension (Sanofi-Aventis Laboratories);  Vaccine against Cervical Cancer (GlaxoSmithkline Laboratories); Strokes (INPES campaign) and ARMD (age-related macular degeneration – Novartis Laboratories)

Futuramedia’s screens are located in some of the biggest pharmacies in the country and clearly have their role to play in spreading information about health campaigns at a national level.

 The 3,000 screens show campaigns on a daily basis, and during a full one-month campaign period, reach over 30 million contacts.

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  1. Oscar Elizaga Says:

    Hi Russ, nice article. It should be noted also that Futuramedia’s entire network is running on Scala. Best regards, Oscar

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