Formerly PRN…

Chris Sheldrake

Perhaps connectiMED should actually be called FormerlyPRN, check out just how many of their management team are former PRN employees…

  • Peter Cullen – President
    He was formerly EVP Business Development for Thomson Out-Of-Home Networks following the acquisition of Premier Retail Networks (PRN) by Thomson in August, 2005. At PRN he served as EVP/GM Premier Retail Networks Electronics Networks.
  • Susie Opare – Head of Network Operations and Product Development
    Ms. Opare was formerly VP Product Development at Premier Retail Networks
  • Alan Klein – Head of Insight & Research
    Formerly Chief Insight & Research Officer at Premier Retail Networks,
  • Joellen Jacobs – VP Programming and Production
    Ms. Jacobs is responsible for all strategic programming development and acquisitions for the connectiMED networks, Ms. Jacobs was formerly … Sr. Director of Programming Acquisitions for Premier Retail Networks.

That’s half the senior executives listed who have come from PRN.


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