Imagesound loses its image

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Great article in Friday’s Financial Times by David Blackwell on the pitfalls of even temporarily losing your shine on the UK’s alternative investment market (AIM). David talks about Imagesound (one of my favourite companies as you know) and quotes Derek Mapp their chairman.

I will write about this a bit further in due course but the FT article is a must read for all of those in our industry listed on AIM (I have been asked in the past to put a list together of all of those but to date haven’t found the time; Adwalker, ATM:Ad (as I-design), Avanti Screenmedia, Immedia Broadcasting, Mediazest, ScreenFX, Screen Technologies as a start)

Imagesound stock (ISD) closed up 10% on Friday to close at 13.75 pence

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