OAA Campaign Courts Controversy

Chris Sheldrake

Not everyone is in agreement that the UK’s Outdoor Advertising Association recent campaign is necessarily a good thing; with (tongue in cheek) suggestions for new tag lines such as ‘Fat people are lazy and eat too much‘ and ‘England is shit at football‘ the folks overs at Cream Global believes that the campaign only proves that offensive messaging will get attention!

“Would these sort of provocative messages not have the same impact of they were placed in print or TV?” they ask? and point to Posterscope’s Oohgle campaign as a better one that “demonstrates the power of the medium rather than the message much more effectively”.

One Response to “OAA Campaign Courts Controversy”

  1. 'Total Horse' Says:

    The OAA campaign unfortunately proves nothing about the ‘power of outdoor’! It is a statement of the bleeding obvious that if you say something controversial it will stand-out as a message and you can apply the same theory to all other media. Imagine driving along in your car and suddenly a voice comes on the radio stating that “career mums make bad parents”, it would work in exactly the same way. I could go on, but I’m sure you catch my drift.

    The fact is, and whether we like it or not, the general public have largely become oblivious brand advertising and I doubt whether there are too many brands (Economist perhaps) that can create attention by making controversial statements.

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