#ISE2010 – 10N118 WIP

Chris Sheldrake

A work in progress shot of our stand 10N118 which is of course the Blogger Lounge in Hall 10…

The carpet was put down in the morning and the Christie Digital engineers started building up the MicroTiles.

The shell scheme is up – the aluminium pillars and white hoardings around the top.

Here though you can see the Big ‘O’ made of MicroTiles in the centre of the booth (the rear enclosure of the 1 x 5 WayFinding column is shown in the way here but that will be moved later on).

The blue chairs and sofas arrived though we had to swap / replace a couple of chairs for the odd sofa (out of stock apparently) but in actual fact it gives us a little more flexibility on how we arrange everything on the stand.

Importantly (don’t panic) the Barista has turned up to setup the espresso machine.

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