CBS Outdoor XTP Press Release

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


Cross-Track Projection, originally trialled at Euston station on the Victoria line platform in 2007, London commuters over the past few days would have seen a few more XTP systems become operational as CBS Outdoor officially launch the network.

Here’s the press release from CBS Outdoor on the cross-track projection rollout.

CBS Outdoor launches cross-track projection

  • Digital ‘world media first’ launches at five London Tube stations
  • Europe’s largest digital advertising network enables advertisers to captivate consumers with full motion HD quality creative – at different times of day and week
  • Nestlé, Sky, Magners, Paramount, InBev & Dewynters sign as launch partners

Nestlé, Sky, Magners, Paramount, InBev and Dewynters have signed as the official launch partners of Cross-track Projection (XTP), CBS Outdoor’s revolutionary digital media opportunity on the London Underground – a world first in terms of its screen size and sophistication.

From today giant cross-track screens (the equivalent of 14 ft TV screens) will beam soundless commercial content in full motion and HD quality at 23 sites at five of the busiest stations in the capital’s centre.

Piccadilly Circus, Bank, Liverpool Street, Euston and Bond Street have all been fitted with the hi-tech projectors and giant screens, each linked to a new digital advertising network enabling partners to remotely update their messages on a 120’ loop, at the touch of a button. The partnerships will run for a minimum of 6 weeks from 30th June.

Sky and Nestlé have opted for an all-day presence on the sites, using different dayparts and 20’ spots in each loop to promote their distinct divisions or brands.

  • SKY – Sky News will use the morning slot to advertise to commuters at the time when they are most keen to stay on top of the news agenda; Sky One and Sky Movies are using the evening daypart to promote that evening’s programme schedule, while Sky Sports will focus on weekends to tie in with key matches and events.
  • Nestlé – will alternate their Boosted Smoothies, Purina ONE and Perrier brands
  • InBev – Evening daypart will engage the audience closer to the point of consumption using a bespoke creative for StellaArtois, developed specifically for XTP
  • Magners – Having identified the evening commuter as their key audience Magners will from early evening to midnight run four sets of 20” pieces of creative, with a different one featuring in each loop throughout the evening
  • Paramount – new film release promotions beginning with Kung Fu Panda and followed by Love Guru
  • Dewynters – The Dewynters creative will promote one of several key London shows during the day including MAMMA MIA, Avenue Q, Spamalot and Wicked

Tim Bleakley, Managing Director Sales & Marketing of CBS Outdoor, commented:

“The introduction of XTP is a landmark event for London media – I have no doubt in my mind that it is the single most significant media launch since Channel Five.

“It’s the medium for the capital – cutting edge, capturing and captivating consumers and offering outstanding flexibility for advertisers. This launch has been three years in the making, working with best in class partners and consulting the industry every step of the way.”

XTP is the highest spec and most cutting-edge projection system in the world*. Designed specifically for the Tube environment in conjunction with Digital Projection, XTP’s HD capabilities in addition to the quality of the projection means that the image brightness and overall quality of presentation is superior to anything else that is currently available on the market.

To date CBS Outdoor have installed across the London Underground 1034 digital screens, including 181 LCD screens, 830 Digital Escalator Panels and 23 XTP screens. In total, CBS Outdoor’s £72 million investment programme will see the installation of 2000 digital screens across the Tube network, including 150 XTP screens. It is anticipated that by the end of 2008 the programme will be between 95-100% complete.

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