Capital Networks Partners With US Government-Certified World Media Net

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Markham, Ont.-based Capital Networks Ltd., global provider of broadcasting and dynamic digital signage software, has made a strategic partnership with U.S.- based World Media Net – a Government-Certified digital signage reseller with extensive experience in the military sector.

World Media Net will deliver CNL’s industry-leading Audience digital signage platform into military bases across America, Canada and worldwide. More than 20 military institutions have already ordered the Audience solution. Clients include Scott Air Force Base, Fort Eustis (home of the U.S. Army Transportation Corps), Malmstrom Air Force Base and McConnell Medical Air Force Base and Medical Center.

The deal follows a new U.S. Government Directive that stipulates better communication with all personnel on military bases, following the shootings at Fort Hood last November that left 12 people dead. CNL’s Audience solution provides military bases – which are often spread out over wide geographic areas, even different countries – with a centralized platform for their digital signage and emergency notification system. This ensures that any emergency messaging is communicated consistently, within seconds, to military and civilian personnel, wherever they are.

Robert Wolgamotti, director at World Media Net, with over 10 years experience in the U.S Navy and almost 25 years expertise in broadcast media networks, says, “CNL’s Audience solution provides a perfect fit for military organizations. For a start, it’s very user-friendly so doesn’t require a team of IT people to run it; it’s an all-in-one system unlike competitors’ offerings that have several complicated pieces of equipment running simultaneously. The other benefit of a single system is that it can be rolled-out to multiple sites quickly and easily, which is important because military bases are usually spread out over large geographic areas, sometimes across states, countries and continents.

“Centralization is also the key to effective and timely emergency messaging. While individual military departments demand their own signage control and programming, emergency messaging must be able to pre-empt or over-ride departmental messages. It is for this reason many bases want to standardize on a single digital signage vendor to synchronize emergency messaging. Effective emergency communication is more critical than ever and Audience is the best digital signage solution on the market to provide it.”

Together, Capital Networks and World Media Net will provide military clients with pre- and post-sales support and consultation, systems training and help in creating broadcast content.

“Until recently, military bases weren’t using digital signage; they still relied on power point slides and these wouldn’t be broadcast to all areas of the base – to housing quarters for example, where personnel live,” says James Vair, vice-president business development at CNL. “Over the past year, we’ve seen a steady rise in the number of bases taking on digital signage systems and this has accelerated in the past couple of months after the Pentagon’s new directive to improve communication and emergency notification. We are delighted to be working with World Media Net because it is a highly qualified firm focused on the military market. The partnership ensures that more bases benefit from our industry leading signage solution, as well as World Media Net’s in-depth understanding of what military institutions need to make the system work.”

World Media Net & Affiliates LLC has over 23 years of broadcast, communications and information systems experience and, since 1995, has specialized in working with Local, State and Federal Agencies nationwide and overseas. Projects involve the consultation, design and project management of ‘mini TV studios’ for various agencies; deployment of secured government communications via satellite up and downlinks; consultation; design and installation of various display and digital signage information systems at various governmental locations. In 2001, World Media Net & Affiliates LLC began working directly with all U.S. Military Branches, Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Agency and the Department of Justice. World Media Net’s clients in the military sector include: the US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corps and US Navy. Clients in other markets include The Boeing Company, Ford Motor Company, McDonald’s and BP.

Capital Networks Limited is a leading global provider of broadcasting and dynamic digital signage software, which it delivers to 35 countries worldwide through authorized re-sellers. Its Audience™ suite reflects a remarkably flexible product line widely accepted by leaders in a wide range of industrial, educational, broadcast, cable, digital signage, hospitality, military and medical applications. Clients include: the BBC, United States Marine Corps, Purdue University, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Pan Pacific Hotels in Singapore and Cablevision. CNL is a privately held company based in Markham, Ontario, Canada and has been established since 1991.

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