CODACAN’s First Montreal Breakfast Meeting

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Léopold Turgeon

The Canadian Out-of-Home Digital Association CODACAN, held its first-ever meeting in Montreal today, with three main speakers: Léopold Turgeon. assistant general director, sales and business relations, Loto-Québec; Danick Archambault, director of the media group at Cossette, Montreal; and our own esteemed leader and editor-in-chief Adrian Cotterill.

The event pulled an enthusiastic audience of close to 65, about half of whom were from advertising agencies – the aim of CODACAN in building awareness of the digital out-of-home industry and what it offers at the agency level.

Danick Archambault

Cotterill led off the presentations, followed by Turgeon who gave an interesting case study of Loto-Québec’s implementation of DOOH by the para-public company, and then by Archambault who gave a talk that came across – to this listener, at least – as a negative perception of the DOOH industry by media planners.

Judging by the latter, the DOOH industry has a major job to do in terms of education at the agency level.

We’ll be posting separate articles on Turgeon’s and Archambault’s views over the next few days.

2 Responses to “CODACAN’s First Montreal Breakfast Meeting”

  1. ian Dobson Says:

    Look forward to reading Danick’s comments. As one of the original media executives to “pitch” agencies in Quebec for over 7 years, be rest assured that there’s lots of education and knowledge of the media at the agency level.

    There are a number of agencies in Quebec who have and do use DOOH in campaigns and this number is increasing. One of these agencies is Danick’s own Cossette!

    I believe that education isn’t the issue. Challenges include measurement, network confidence and awareness, standardization and rate/audience numbers. In addition only until recently has there been a substantial inventory of networks to justify a position on a media plan!

    Agencies, major network operators and Adcentricity have been and continue to work closely together to address and surpass these challenges. Implementing DOOH into mainstream media campaigns is taking time but every quarter there are clear signs that its being more accepted.

  2. Ron Deschenes Says:

    I wish I’d attended; I’ll definitely be looking to read Danick’s comments – he’s never negative, just extraordinarily realistic.

    You’re bang-on with your assessment of the issues facing the industry, as always; I particularly agree with you on standardization. When recommending a market entry strategy to my clients when starting a DOOH network, I often recommend following existing technical standards in their particular market segment; the more complex and unfamiliar the product itself, the order routine and the production process are for the media buyer, the less chance of a sale.

    Ron Deschenes

    In my opinion, DOOH in the Canadian market needs a tipping point event in terms of measurement, somewhat similar to what NEWAD did for their media vehicles when they produced TRAFFIK and it was adopted by COMB. Adcentricity is already beginning to fill this gap in measurement, but we’ll still be stuck, as media reps, with the same old objections until a standard methodology is firmly in place for DOOH measurement.

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