ConnectiVISION Choose EnQii

Chris Sheldrake

ConnectiVISION, a Network Operator for the most advanced Digital-out-of-Home Healthcare network in the US and EnQii, the leading Digital Signage Platform provider this week announced a partnership to rollout ConnectiVISION’s network to thousands of screens in hospitals and clinics across the country, supported by EnQii’s new EnGage platform.

David Tetreault, CMO ConnectiVISION told us “We chose EnQii because we needed a platform that would allow us to innovate rapidly at scale and support our vision for the future of DOOH in Healthcare”.

He added “we have been incredibly impressed with the capabilities of EnQii’s EnGage platform and their willingness to work closely with us as we shape our vision”.

ConnectiVISION’s network is already deployed in a number of clinic and hospital locations nationwide and with a strong and rapidly growing pipeline the company is gearing up to expand its network to over 1000 sites by Q3 2010.

The ConnectiVISION Digital Communications Network offers Healthcare providers the combined benefits of an engaging, interactive media experience through a network of screens in various waiting rooms, coupled with a modular kiosk system that allows patients and visitors to ‘stay connected’ whilst in the facility.

Moving forward both companies plan to collaborate on advanced capabilities such as social media integration and mobile interactivity.

About ConnectiVISION

ConnectiVISION provides interactive, targeted entertainment and communication services to the Healthcare and Airport sectors. ConnectiVISION’s networks are built on a state-of-the art media and collaboration platform linking media players with digital communications centers. With the ConnectiVISION network consumers can always stay connected, engaged and informed, with quality HDTV programming, interactive video messaging, wireless connectivity, fast digital downloads and full computer access. ConnectiVISION’s 2010 Network roll-out schedule is on-track to deliver dynamic entertainment to over 1000 locations throughout the U.S.

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