Digiadvans Miami, Amsterdam, err Wales

Chris Sheldrake

SA Screen Media Digiadvans have now taken their global office development up to 12 offices. The Miami office which opened last month is now adding some significant weight to the global campaigns we understand however news comes through of a new Wales office catering for additional work born out of the Millennium Stadium and a new shopping centre which is scheduled over the next 18 months.

Group Partner, Director of Operations Jon Fenech told us “we are delighted with the global expansion, it does sound surreal heading Miami to Wales, however let it be said that he hold the Wales office very close to our heart. We have executed some very high profile work in Wales and with the new contracts which we have won for the outdoor work we are going to be stretching our office services to all that require it”.

He added “Wales is an essential location for the GB operations and we are delighted that we that we can work with the Welsh agencies on local geography. The team in Wales is very unique with their media qualifications and experience allowing us to grow our bespoke media team globally”.

SA opened the Miami office last month taking the global offices to 12 locations including Amsterdam and Belgium.

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