Yet Another (New) Integrated Audience Analytics Suite

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

A new audience analytics suite, launched to ensure that digital signs are highly interactive and accountable we are told, integrates Capital Networks Ltd’s broadcast and dynamic digital signage software, with CognoVision’s AIM audience measurement and retail intelligence suite.

The off-the-shelf solution enables organizations such as retailers, airports or medical centres, to analyze, track and direct the movements of customers, and have a clear picture of how digital signs are influencing their behavior.

The integrated solution provides audience metrics and enables media content on signs to be customized – automatically – based on viewer characteristics, hopefully delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. As a result, the solution delivers demonstrable ROI.

As an example, a sign’s content can change if it detects more male viewers and an advertisement for a male grooming product could be displayed to hit the target market.

“CNL was the first digital signage provider we have ever partnered with,” says Haroon Mirza, director of business development for CognoVision. “Our complete suite of audience measurement systems includes the core AIM – Anonymous Impression Metric – system alongside AIM Traffic, Queue Tracking and Heat Map technology. Organizations around the world are using digital signs to effectively display customer information and marketing campaigns. Our technology takes their deployment to a new, strategic level – ensuring those signs are highly relevant and converting into sales. Companies are using our solutions today and the market for intelligent audience and traffic measurement is growing at a dramatic rate.”

CognoVision’s fully automated AIM platform is an audience measurement system optimized for use in digital signage networks using proprietary face detection and people tracking technology to find viewers’ faces detected by digital optic devices. CNL’s Audienc digital signage software platform provides all the tools needed to create, manage and play out dynamic digital signage. The sophisticated creation, scheduling and management ability of Audience software has been fully integrated with CognoVision’s AIM platform to provide an unprecedented level of accountability in real time.

Combining Audience with AIM enables organizations to:

  • Identify the number of impressions and browsers, including counting how many people pass and view the signs; analyzing top-line demographics of those people, such as age and gender;
  • Measure engagement levels and dwell time – tracking how long people watch the signs for; highlighting which advertisements are attracting attention;
  • Display targeted content based on real time audience characteristics (content can be adapted to make it relevant to the consumers looking at the signs);
  • Optimize signage content and screen locations – tracking customer traffic and ‘heat maps’ showing how many people walk by the signs and conversion rates for particular advertisements;
  • Automatically log what content was played and when – which can be linked in with sales information to truly understand ROI and if marketing campaigns are resulting in sales uplift.

“One of the natural questions that people ask about any video analytics technology is about privacy,” says Morgan Henderson, marketing manager at CNL “AIM has been designed specifically with privacy in mind and no personally identifiable data is ever collected.“

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