Solution For Traffic Jams

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


Net Display Systems B.V. tell us that Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch road administration) and Koninklijk Horeca Nederland (Dutch Royal Catering Establishment Industry) are using a a digital signage solution to decrease the traffic jams in the Netherlands!

New displays with traffic information are placed at the exit of a large number of amusement parks, zoos, road restaurants and conference centers.

It could be a big network with two hundred screens eventually placed across the Netherlands.

The displays show real-time traffic jams and or train delays AND when there are jams in the area, interesting alternatives are offered to prolong the visitors stay – for example a ‘rush hour menu’ for a special price (the idea being that the ‘rush hour menu’ encourages visitors to stay longer at the location – creating a better dispersal of traffic.

Infoscreens have used Net Display Systems PADS software for the rollout.

About Net Display Systems

Since its establishment in 1994 Net Display Systems has evolved into a recognised worldwide player for digital signage software. With its worldwide network of specialised partners the company is active in more than 60 countries and has thousands of installations in multiple market sectors from transportation, corporate and government to hospitality and retail.

The award winning PADS software of Net Display Systems is considered by many as the easiest-to-use, most flexible and powerful solutions available for digital signage. What makes the PADS software really unique are the unequalled database connectivity features for displaying real-time information.

One in four of the 100 worlds most recognised brands have already chosen PADS as their digital signage platform.

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