Schiphol Airport Travelators

Alex Hughes

schipol, airporty travelator

In addition to the extended passenger dwell times associated with air travel, the sheer expanse of larger airports provides network owners with a great opportunity to capitalise on point-to-point passenger travel time.

Some of the travelators I have been on seem to stretch for miles but at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, both the airport and advertisers are using this time to deliver advertising and information content. This photo shows 1 out of a set of 4 2×2 screens at approx 8m intervals along the travelator, well positioned and showing some great content. It might have been the pace at which I was walking to catch my flight (I was running late…) but the delivery of that content also seemed to be very well timed in relation to the multiple pillars in my line of sight.

Having been successfully advertised to, the next travelator I stepped onto transported me into a forest environment complete with theatre-like set design including subtly piped bird and animal noises; it sounds terrible, but it was actually quite pleasant after my double walking pace previously.

With new giant-sized air terminals being created in New York, Delhi, Shanghai and Beijing, creative ways of informing, entertaining and advertising to passengers on the move will have to become more and more innovative. At airports there seems to be real potential, in certain areas, to mix media such as ambient sounds, lighting effects and unusual environment/set design with moving image to an advertisers unique advantage.

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