Meet The EnQii Team – Joe Rossi, APAC

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We thought Enqii’s second email newsletter was a bit disappointing but the one article in it we did enjoy, and thought was worth reproducing below, was the interview with Joe Rossi, their President in the APAC region…

Q: What do you do at EnQii?

A: As President of APAC, I manage our current business and create new opportunities for us in the China market. I am working with the rest of the Asia Pacific team to establish the EnQii business model and brand in the fastest growing, major market in the world. It’s a very exciting initiative because although China has a well-embedded DOOH digital market, no provider to date has worked on a unique business model for retailers. We are doing that and making some strong early inroads.

Q: What is your greatest challenge?

A: Working with the team to create a whole new commercial model and product offering suitable for the China market while at the same time bringing in the hard dollars (or Chinese RMBs) on our established product portfolio. It’s a challenge each EnQii region faces to one extent or another.

Q. Is there a standard business model used in the Asian market?

A. There are many different models – just like elsewhere. Currently, many companies are going through the cycle of doing the technology and networking side “themselves” in the pilot and first deployment stages. As the market develops and matures, I can see these companies engaging and using out-of-home solution providers like EnQii, just as they’re doing in our North American and EMEA markets.

Q: What do you find exciting about the DOOH industry?

A: The DOOH industry is oddly both well established and in its infancy. My personal focus is in the retail sector. The use of digital POS, signage and media in that sector is right now at a tipping point. Retailers now regard the technology as sufficiently stable and the performance metrics are proving its advantages. For the first time, providers like EnQii who truly understand the retail business are in the frame and offering the right approach and solutions. It’s a high-opportunity industry now.

Q: Where do you see the industry in 5 years?

A: That is a big question. I’ll answer from the China market perspective only. Here, I am confident we will see digital signage elements grow as a key part of most retailers’ marketing mix in stores. The non-retail sector will shift from its current unconnected format to fully connected networks with greater variety of hardware and end products being introduced. Oh — and of course — EnQii brand will be among the industry leaders, with a clearly distinctive offer and market positioning.

Q. Is there anything you’d like to add?

A: I am excited about the opportunities in Asia. In April 2007, we only had three people in APAC. In July 2008, our staff has grown to over 20 people.

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