The Smile Company, Manchester Airport

Chris Sheldrake

Alan Gibbons, Group Sales Manager, Eye Fly UK told us “We know that the vast majority of Eye Flyers like to allow themselves plenty of time at the airport to avoid getting stressed before their flights and what better way to spend 20 minutes of that time than achieving the bright, white smile they’ve always wanted!”

The Smile Company, seen here, is bringing a breakthrough in teeth whitening to the UK – in 20 minutes and for GBP 125 you too can achieve a perfect smile!

The Smile Company employs registered dentists for its procedure and its unique delivery system combined with an LED light achieves optimal results incredibly fast and with complete safety so we are told.

The Smile Company can be found in Manchester Airport’s Terminal 1 departures lounge, just after the duty free retail area.

Journalists interested in a complimentary teeth whitening treatment at the airport, can register their interest at

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  1. terence fitzpatrick Says:

    Used this service at birmingham airport in june, wasn’t pleased with the results, and even more displeased after a recent visit to the dentist, when i was told the enamel on the treated teeth was eroding, and yes i have been using the enamel booster provided.So in short i wouldn’t recommend this product

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