Wi-Fi Finder 2.0 iPhone App

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

San Francisco-based JiWire, mobile audience media company that reaches over 20 million unique users per month across its media channel, has launched version 2.0 of its popular Wi-Fi Finder iPhone application.

The JiWire Wi-Fi Finder 2.0 application is available for the iPhone and iPod. The new version, which replaces the former Wi-Fi Finder app directory of both free and paid hotspots, allows the user to share their location with friends via Facebook and Twitter; to find free or paid Wi-Fi locations nearby; and to search for locations even when offline.

Five million people have already downloaded the original application, reflecting the growing popularity of connecting to Wi-Fi via a mobile device with today’s on-the-go audience. Over 350,000 new users download the app each month, placing Wi-Fi Finder among the top 10 most downloaded travel apps in the Apple Store, and making it one of the largest location-based applications in the market. (While the older version has been available for Android, the new app is currently only available for the iPhone and iPod )

According to JiWire’s latest Mobile Audience Insights report, 56 percent of people use a mobile device to connect in public Wi-Fi locations. The number of Wi-Fi enabled devices continues to grow, with over 486 million new smartphones, laptops, netbooks, e-readers and converged devices, like Apple’s iPad, hitting the market this year, according to Morgan Stanley.

JiWire’s global hotspot directory is built from both strategic partnerships with service providers like AT&T and Boingo, and user submitted hotspot locations. Users can now submit new locations directly from the app, as well as keep a list of favorite locations or saved searches. People can also post their location and leave notes for friends from public Wi-Fi locations through integration with Facebook and Twitter. The JiWire Wi-Fi Finder 2.0 application is available at http://bit.ly/bv4bVO as a free download.

Another JiWire app which is a directory of only free spots, is currently being updated, as well.

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