Bryan Crotaz To Leave AMX

Chris Sheldrake

Bryan Crotaz ended up at AMX Europe when he and his father sold their (Inspired Signage) business to AMX, what seems like many years ago now! Damon Crowhurst went along with them for a while but of course is now at Scala.

Anyway, gossip reaches us that Bryan is likely leaving AMX and Inspired Signage to go freelance; most likely in bespoke software, AV design, signage design, scripting and installation support.

4 Responses to “Bryan Crotaz To Leave AMX”

  1. Reynard Bleu Says:

    Who are these people? Does anyone really care?

  2. felling rather mad Says:

    who are you Reynard? Does anyone really care?

  3. welsh Says:

    Blue Fox?

  4. Reynard Bleu Says:

    A commentator and industry activist with many years experience. Seen them come and go,bored with the PR piffle.

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