Gary Truman Plays Dangerous Game

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Gary Truman continues to play a dangerous game. Fresh from helping ASG Media into administration (and then it seems NOT administration so read on), attempting to forge deals with VMG it seems whilst still in the employ of ASG Media / Neo Media Group he not only has the affront to go join VMG Global but then turn up as Chairman of InSetCo PLC – a company that is seemingly a vastly diluted ASG Media PLC not taken into administration.

Perhaps idiots like this only manage to survive in this sector because no one is brave enough to call them but surely the UK industry doesn’t need characters like this anymore?

2 Responses to “Gary Truman Plays Dangerous Game”

  1. Anon Says:

    The UK industry doesn’t need characters like this for sure but VMG had the affriont to employ him as well. As long as the industry continues to employ people of low moral standing that is where the industry will stay.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    To be fair the only reason a character like Gary remains in the industry is that he either invested money in VMG Global or secured (via shall we say dubious methods) the Trafford Centre / Glocester Quays contract as part of his golden hello to the new VMG entity.

    While we all love to hate a bad guy; one has to question the other participants in the Avanti/ASG farce! Simon Rees (MD), for example could have ,and should have, driven GT off the ASG board, however he proved himself ultimately not up for the fight and allowed GT, as a majority sharholder, to cower him into a shell of a CEO who couldn’t wait to exit the arena.

    As for NEO Group, someone needs to educate Christian as to the definition of the term “due Dillegence”.

    For myself, I remain a PI shareholder who invested over £7k in the company and find myself in the delightful position of recieving less than £600 if the new Investco proposals are accepted.

    Legal Action here we come…

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