Kee Square, Made In Italy

Giuseppe Andrianò

Another face recognition, automated audience measurement system, this time made in Italy and a spin off from the Politecnico di Milano.

Like others, it works by outlining the faces and analyzing the physical features, Its purpose is squarely to supply statistical and contextual data which might be useful for aiming marketing strategies and advertising ‘custom-made’ campaigns.

SEKS204 is the supposedly innovative camera made in Italy, designed and built by Kee Square and Selea (society of research & development of advanced video-surveillance systems).

Fabio Mazza, C.E.O. of Kee Square told us “Morpheus AI, is the software at the heart of SEKS204. It’s good Italian technology able to identify sex, age and ethnic group of the faces of that people that look in a certain direction”.

The software incorporated in this camera is also able to supply other important data, like time of attention (or stop) of someone looking a display window, an advertising, a shelf or a product, and the number of people who pass in specific moments of the day in crucial points of the city, like airports, stations, metro etc. These information allow to value the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns or of the exposure of the display windows and at the same time allow to improve, for example, the service supplied from the staff of a shopping centre or of a supermarket that, based on the greater number and on the stopping of people in specific areas, can move in order to offer a greater support to the sale or make the customers flow better.

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