Cisco Report 200% Year On Year DMS Growth

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Not sure how many people would have listened in on Cisco’s Q4FY08 earnings call yesterday?

There was a very interesting mention of Cisco’s DMS growth – DMS is Cisco’s Digital Media System, their name for their signage player and associated technology (Enterprise TV, distribution etc)

Early stage internal startups in Cisco, such as DMS, are what they call ’emerging technology’. Here’s the relevant excerpt…

“Our strategy is to develop a regional, reasonable percentage of these emerging technologies into what we categorize as advance technologies, with the realistic possibility of becoming one billion plus in sales and number one market position in the respective product category that we execute properly.

Overall, progress was extremely strong in Q4. While these numbers are not significant at this point in time, we believe that with proper execution, they can become very significant to our growth ranges in the long run. Q4 was a very strong quarter for emerging technologies group and in total grew approximately 300% year-over-year. We will focus on year-over-year growth rates for the following breakouts within the emerging technologies group.

TelePresence grew approximately 500% year-over-year. Digital media systems grew approximately 200% year-over-year and physical security grew approximately 250% year-over-year.”

Cisco don’t report on numbers per subset of technology or product line but just to put the quote “these numbers are not significant at this point in time” comment into context – Cisco’s reported revenue for the year was USD 39.5 Billion and the revenue for Q4 was a record USD 10.4 Billion – that’s approximately 10% year on year growth AND Cisco’s first ever USD 10 Billion quarter. contains a full transcript of the call for those who are interested.

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