Shamelessy Ghost-Written Marketing Blurb

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This shameless “AKA.TV COMMENT” was brought to our attention by Howard Beale in a comment he submitted to our site on the recent post “Broadsign Gets Much Needed Network Deal”…

1. Howard Beale Says:
August 5th, 2008 at 20:38 @860 e

Noone can argue the intrinsic appeal of a community-based, charitable network. However from a business perspective, can an ad-supported network that gives 33% of ad space to charity scale and operate profitably? Time will tell, but if the Broadsign hype factory thinks this nascent, 16-location network is a notable deal, then times are indeed very tough for them. Take a look at the comment on this deal. A shamelessy ghost-written marketing blurb from their sponsor, Broadsign. So much for objectivity and credibility.

You make up your own mind on just how bad their editorial independence is…


Broadsign is establishing itself as a major player in supplying software to network owners. It has done this, not just because its technology and technical support, is of the highest quality, but because Broadsign form partnerships with their clients. That is not to say, it invests in these networks, but it makes a point of understanding what the client wants to achieve corporately and designs its software accordingly. They have become the ultimate service provider rather than a business that just creates a software package and then moves onto the next customer. Far from it, Broadsign work with clients to help them achieve their ambitions”

Seriously if my staff or I or any of our contributors write anything like this do let us know.

PS. Did we mention; Clear Channel, EYE Corporation, ScreenRed, Remote Media’s Signage Live, Amigo Digital, Screen Media Expo Europe, ISE Amsterdam, Pixman, Iconic Images, Arsenal Media, Vision Media Group, Neo Advertising, STRATACACHE and the Strategy Institute – IF NOT WE MEANT TO 😉

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