America’s Minority Health Network

Chris Sheldrake

America’s Minority Health Network, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of AMHN, Inc. (OTCBB: AMHN) ,the only place-based provider of digital video education for medical practices who primarily serve the African-American population in the United States, has just announced a partnership to rollout its network to over a thousand screens in physicians’ practices across the country, supported by EnQii’s technology platform.

The Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Cambridge, told us “We chose EnQii because of the scalability of their platform and their responsiveness and expertise in servicing digital out-of-home media in the healthcare industry. America’s Minority Health Network recently subscribed its 160th location and 140 locations are installed and receiving programming using the EnQii platform. Our viewers currently see more than 40 health education segments on a variety of health issues.”

Stuart Armstrong, President of EnQii in the Americas told us “We continue to see tremendous opportunities for DOOH in the physicians’ practices and we have a platform that will redefine digital media in healthcare creating new branding opportunities for advertisers and healthcare providers, as well as significantly improving the waiting room experience.”

America’s Minority Health Network launched in 100 doctors’ offices serving primarily African-American patients in the fall of 2009 using a Seatac Digital Resources integrative deployment of Samsung Monitors, Enqii software and media players with content from Saddle Ranch Productions.

They immediately began airing commercials to a positive response from viewers and advertisers.

America’s Minority Health Network believes operating a network exclusively designed for the African-American community will help it secure a large percentage of the minority market share once it has deployed 1,000 screens.

About America’s Minority Health Network, Inc.

AMHN, Inc. (OTCBB: AMHN) owns America’s Minority Health Network, Inc., a place-based provider of digital video education for medical practices who primarily service minorities. America’s Minority Health Network provides a digital platform to increase African-American health education awareness that can increase the longevity and well-being of African-American men and women while providing relevant advertising of related products. America’s Minority Health Network has created a viable solution to meet the needs of physicians who are constantly searching for ways to better inform their patients and for advertisers that are searching for ad space to communicate specific products to African-Americans. Corporate offices are located at 100 North First Street, Suite 104, Burbank, CA 91502.

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