CBS Outernet Killing Its Own Grocery Business

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“I hear that they have all but shut down the 1,000-store network that they had established in grocery stores across the USA” so says an industry commentator with regard CBS Outernet’s Grocery business.

That’s not a surprise to us, we wrote back in July 2009 ‘CBS Outernet To Kill Its Grocery Business‘.

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  1. anon Says:

    This has been happening for some time. Simply, SuperValu chose not to renew their contract. Hard to run what was already an unprofitable, struggling business without 900 of the stores. CBS Outernet does not really exist anymore. GameStop is a struggle. Dead for all intensive purposes. $70MM of CBS shareholder dollars lost to a counter-clockwise swirl. We shall see how much of Thomson shareholder value was pissed away on PRN – could be as much as $230MM on my estimate.

  2. CBS Outernet: Just Sayin’… | Digital Signage Blog | Says:

    […] failure and imminent shutdown of CBS Outernet’s grocery network surfaced, first reported by DailyDOOH and discussed in more depth by David Weinfeld, there is more a sense of inevitability. ¬†What was […]

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