ALOOHA’s Conditional Audio

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We’d definitely like to see more Panphonics Sound Shower® installations and here we see ALOOHA, with it’s Digital Point-of-Presentation (DPoP®) systems in 50 Spanish shopping centers taking full advantage of directional audio.

The beauty of directional audio of course is that (directional) sound will not increase the general noise level of the environment – ALOOHA believe this to be already high in the shopping centers where they operate.

‘Conditional audio’ (as it as described in the press release) is only projected when there is someone in the area able to listen and in this instance is provided by ALOOHA’s own software integrated in the DPoP® itself.


ALOOHA is a leading company of interactive digital audiovisual communication in the Spanish market, offering a new approach to the digital out-of-home advertising with the integration of different technologies of information, communication and marketing. The company offers a complete service to its customers, from the creation of advertising content to its distribution at the digital presentation points (dPoP®) in shopping centers.

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