Bluefox Habla Espanol

Chris Sheldrake

We have kept our eye on the strategic partnership agreement that TMT Factory and BlueFox made at the end of last year in the Spanish market – often these are just an excuse for a bit of PR and chest thumping and rarely lead to anything solid.

However in this instance we note that together they have won: –

  • JCDecaux Airport Barcelona Airport: 22 screens
  • Alsa: 400 screens
  • GoTV: 23 aerobus + 184 bus during the day and 78 bus during the evening / nighttime (September 2010 contract)

Daniel Urruchua CEO from TMT factory told us “Bluefox gives us the opportunity to offer an even richer content service and opening doors for us to the whole of Europe and Latin America. What TMTFactory gives to Bluefox is the creative talent of its motion graphics and 3D animation team by customizing content. I am sure that together we will continue to close large accounts.”

Bottom line of course TMT Factory resells all the BlueFox product on the Spanish market and adds various bespoke graphic creations.

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