NanoLumens At Macy’s

Chris Sheldrake

Flexible video displays joined fast cars and fashion this month in the famous windows of Macy’s. They arrived at the flagship New York Herald Square store as part of a two-week promotion of IZOD’s sponsorship of IndyCar racing.

Macy’s Herald Square

Here we see two NanoLumens 112” flexible displays bookend six large windows facing Broadway between W. 34th and W. 35th Streets.

The windows also incorporate four historic Indy racing cars, racing suits and the latest in IZOD fashions. Earlier this week, famous IndyCar drivers helped celebrate the IZOD linkage in front of the windows.

In a design created by Ncyclomedia, Inc. and Spaeth Designs for Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation you can just see the lightweight, flexible screens suspended in the air. The screens are running fast-paced historic racing footage from the IndyCar series.

NanoLumens president John Wilson told us “We are thrilled to be here as part of this historic promotion. This is a perfect example of the type of creative need our displays can address to help businesses take advantage of the shift to digital content.”

NanoLumens screens were chosen we are told because they could be shaped to follow a complex curve envisioned by the designers to turn a cubical space into a curved digital sensation.

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