Muzak Launches New Digital Signage Product

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Fort Mill, South Carolina-based Muzak, leading provider of music, messaging and video for business, has announced the launch of a new Digital Signage product: the Encompass DS.

Company management says that the new product represents everything the Digital Signage industry has been waiting for, by combining a small, simple device, premium rich HD content and nationwide service and support – all at an affordable price.

“We’ve closely evaluated the Digital Signage market for several years, paying specific attention to the market’s wide range of use cases,” says Christopher Williams, executive vice-president, Muzak Media. “While the very sophisticated solutions get the most attention, we felt that a simpler, more elegant solution was missing. The combined specialties of Muzak, BrightSign, Saratoga, California, and Scala, Exton, Pennsylvania, have created a truly unique solution that will satisfy the needs of today’s savvy business owners.”

The Encompass DS was developed in partnership with BrightSign, a leader in video hardware, and Scala, one of the world’s largest digital signage companies. The partnership creates strategic opportunities by uniting premium content, leading technology and nationwide support.

Compelling, effective content was not a barrier to those without a large marketing budget. With the Encompass DS, options are diverse, dynamic and affordable. Users can log in from any Internet-connected computer to manage and monitor their content quickly and simply. With 1,000 unique content-rich feeds from top weather, news and fashion outlets including The New York Times and People Magazine, plus dozens of easily customizable templates, users now have the power to create custom rich content plans in minutes.

Jeff Hastings, BrightSign CEO, says, “The solid-state hardware platform we developed for Encompass DS is based on BrightSign’s HD210 network-enabled player.”

Encompass DS delivers quality and performance with full HD video and premium-quality images, all without the complexity of a PC-based solution. With no moving parts, the controller is also more reliable, more affordable and offers a lower operating cost. The hardware for the Encompass DS weighs just 20 ounces and measures a mere 6.6”(w) x 5.9”(h) x 1.2”(d), making it easy to ship and small enough to deploy virtually anywhere.

“We’ve spent the last 18 months improving every facet of Muzak-with a specific emphasis on our products and service”, says Steve Villa, CEO of Muzak. “The launch of the Encompass DS is another proud milestone for our company.”

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