Production House Adds Digital Media And Interactive Services

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

William F. White, a Toronto-based motion picture and film production company, has launched Whites Interactive, a new operating department for the company, offering new business services and support for digital filmmakers, interactive content creators and multi-media producers.

The new initiative, in development for several years, is a direct response to the widespread increase in demand for interactive digital media content. It will be located in a major new media production facility to open next year in Toronto.

“WFW has always been an innovative partner in production,”
says Paul Bronfman, chairman and CEO of Comweb Group Inc. and William F. White International Inc.. “We remain committed to empowering young producers in the new digital economy with the best and most affordable state-of-the-art production tools.”

The newly-launched department, spearheaded by Jonathon Root, White’s interactive manager, will occupy a major presence at the new 338,000 sq. ft. William F. White Centre at 800 Islington, Toronto, which will be opening its doors in January, 2011. Whites Interactive is currently located at William F. White International headquarters just a few blocks from its future home.

A Comweb Group company, William F. White International Inc. was founded in 1963 and claims position as Canada’s oldest and largest provider of motion picture, television and theatrical production equipment, with offices across the country.

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