EYE Supports OZ Lotto Jackpot

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Eye Shop has recently been working closely with Mediacom to deliver flexible, time sensitive digital campaigns promoting the OZ Lotto for Tattersalls in Victoria and the Golden Casket Lottery in Queensland, Australia.

Chris Stanley, Executive, Investment & Implementation Planning at MediaCom told us “Eye Shop’s digital network gives Tattersalls the opportunity to book and supply media with fast turnarounds, delivering messages to consumers right at the point of purchase.”

As the jackpot amount increases from week to week the digital creative messages in EYE centres change to reflect the increase of each draw and impact EYE shoppers while they were feeling lucky.

Michael Callaghan, General Manager, Eye Shop, ANZ was quoted as saying “EYE’s creative posting service, known as Accelerate, offers more immediacy and flexibility for digital advertising. When compared to other forms of media such as Print and Television, the fast turnaround for posting digital advertising has eradicated the long lead times associated with advertising copy changes.”

Since its introduction in 2009, Accelerate has allowed clients the flexibility to advertise time sensitive campaigns throughout the day or week. For example, snack brands can target mums with school children in the afternoon, or television networks can promote programming highlights across each day of the week.

“EYE’s Accelerate service has benefited many clients looking to use digital media to target audiences via flexible advertising solutions, nationally and state by state. In today’s short-term market, we continually aim to develop advertisers’ knowledge and belief in OOH as a fast turnaround medium.”

We are waiting for some pictures of the creative and the installation.

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