More Engineering Losses At CRI

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

LinkedIn is showing David Ruvolo, the Carpet and Rug Institute‘s engineering manager, as now being the VP of Technology at Wind Tunnel.

Wind Tunnel seems to include Jason Friedman as well, so looks like they took David with them?

David was a big part of the design at Xanadu (Meadowlands) and oversaw many of the projects CRI completed well.

Combine this with the loss of Tom Roberto and you have to ask exactly where are CRI’s engineering resources going to come from in the future?

2 Responses to “More Engineering Losses At CRI”

  1. Big Says:

    The question of resources and how the company will remain competitive on the physical side is DEFINITELY a real concern. BUT…

    CRI is still a company to watch. They have consistently averted the economy and remained recognizable in an industry that typically swallows companies whole. Now, with all their recent changes have they let excellent people slip through the cracks. I would say “YUP!”. But sometimes this happens and I’m sure they can recover.

    David and Tom will be missed I’m sure. But I’d be willing to bet that their message was received loud and clear.

  2. David Ruvolo Says:

    I will surely miss working at CRI. One of my main focuses as Engineering Manager was to build a strong, diverse, competent team of engineers focusing on many disciplines. This is what allows us to do the complex integrations that I was happy to be a part of. I will miss working with them but I’m confident they will go out to do outstanding work without me.

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