McDonald’s Worldwide Owner/Operator Convention

Chris Sheldrake

Digital Signage was presented as “an Innovative Growth Area for Advertising, Marketing and Motion Graphics” to 12,000 McDonald’s executives, suppliers, and franchise owners from around the world at their recent Worldwide Owner/Operator Convention held in Orlando, Florida

Animation Dynamics Inc. was selected to help create a visual representation of McDonald’s history and vision of the future at the event.

The goal of the project was to inspire franchisees with McDonald’s vision of the future with a continued reputation for quality, innovation and great customer experiences on a worldwide scale. ADi used a form of digital signage to display a large-scale animation which communicated the story and set the tone for the overall experience of the participants.

Kate Ertmann, president and CEO of ADi told us “Fortune 500 companies now spend an incredible amount of resources on research to understand their customers’ lifestyles, way of thinking and more. The big challenge now that we know the consumer better is to create meaningful content to create a user experience that matters. By expanding the definition of storytelling and adding an authentic, emotional component, the message becomes more memorable and effective.”

ADi’s animation for McDonald’s introduced the Future’s Exhibit — a showcase of 18 separate categories covering food, restaurant design, and customer experience innovations as well as business process improvements.

Attendees walked through an entrance hallway featuring a screen 3 feet high by 24 feet long with a digital display playing an animation to set the scene for the showcase they were about to visit.

Kate Ertmann added “Digital Signage is one area where we can expect to see some of the most excitement in the near future. We are moving from static content, to content in motion and it is important for companies to understand that it is not enough to just repurpose TV content for use on a large scale format. There are both technical and content issues that need to be addressed for success.”

About ADi

Founded in 1996, Animation Dynamics Inc. (ADi) excels in visual communication for business-to-business marketing, consumer advertising, direct response television, education and entertainment. Clients range from Fortune 500 high-tech firms to independent film producers. The Portland-based company has the unique advantage of having expertise across a wide range of animation techniques all under one roof, and in particular is a leader in the new 3D user interface design. In addition, the company is also recognized for its skill in rendering digital prototypes for pre-production marketing efforts.

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    Any way we could get a better glimpse, other then the press release & short video clip on the ADi website, of what was presented?

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