Audience Measurement Age Group Segmentation

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Tomorrow (Weds 26th September) TruMedia Technologies will announce version 1.4 of their iCapture software.

This new version includes age-group segmentation and so their offering will now have caught up with that of Quividi.

Whilst Trumedia’s product roadmap (with all the funding that VCs and the Israelis can throw at it) is impressive with a rapid move from Windows PC to DSP to an eventual ASIC based camera offering (and a much wider viewing / capture angle) the one thing that was missing was the age group segmentation that their French based competitor Quividi has offered from day one.

What would be useful is age group segmentation of; up to 18, 18 – 40 and 40 and above but my understanding is that Trumedia’s at the moment is a simple child, up to 12, and above.

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