Panasonic’s Uniglo Install, Paris

Chris Sheldrake

We’ve never heard of MediaVue Systems LLC (they seem to make ‘cute’ hardware / playback systems though) and further more we don’t know if Jean Claude van Damme was involved in anyway in this deal since his move from likely terminally ill MediaTile to Panasonic but (yes we will get to the point in a minute) it seems that Panasonic selected SureVue for a nice little install just completed in Paris for global retailer Uniqlo.

We quite liked reading through the press release, someone literary was surely having fun as it started “A classy gala party marked the opening of Uniqlo’s European flagship store in the trendy Opera District of Paris, on Rue Scribe only steps away from the famed Paris Opera House, Palais Garnier” !!!

Uniqlo is of course Japan’s leading clothing retail chain with more than 800 stores currently open worldwide. This multi-level 23,000 square feet flagship store in Paris is well worth a visit and features innovative digital signage as an integral element of its merchandising strategy.

There are wrap-around LED panels and 53 x Panasonic plasma displays are integrated into the interior design.

Panasonic’s NM Stage digital signage software is installed on SureVue3A fanless player PC’s from MediaVue Systems.

Toru Tsubosaki – Business Development Manager told us “For us SureVue completed a very strong digital signage offering for Uniqlo, especially with the need for a focus on design and given the tough, continuous operating conditions within Uniqlo’s flagship store. Added to that we need a player that could deliver strong video performance and high reliability while operating continuously in harsh environments, MediaVue gave us all of this within a compact sized unit.”

About MediaVue Systems

MediaVue Systems LLC provides the SureVue family of purpose-built digital signage player computers. Designed and built in the U.S.A., SureVues are compact, extremely reliable and cost effective. SureVues set a new level of fanless player performance. There are SureVue models designed for a range of performance levels as well as models designed for installation in transportation equipment such as busses and railcars. SureVues are in use worldwide running many of the best known digital signage software applications.

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  1. Dave DeGiorgi Says:

    For security reasons I cannot publically confirm or deny Mr. van Damme’s connection to MediaVue Systems or even confirm or deny that he attended last year’s opening night party, which was indeed a gala event. However, I can confirm that there is no connection whatsoever with MediaTile.

    I am disappointed that Chris Sheldrake has never heard of MediaVue Systems. Here I can help. MediaVue designs and builds the SureVue family of digital signage player PCs. SureVues are in use in more than 25 countries around the world. As a principal Scala hardware partner, Chris should have seen us in the Scala stand at any of the major U.S. or European trade shows – DSE, ISE, Screen Expo, InfoComm. More than 60 Scala resellers worldwide are using SureVues. And, as you can see from the Uniqlo project with Panasonic, we also work with other leading digital signage software vendors. By the way, as Panasonic has stated, the 53 SureVues installed in the Uniqlo store have been running since opening night last September without a single failure to date.

  2. Bill Yackey Says:

    I was unaware of MediaTile being terminally ill… could you go into further detail on that one?

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