Trucks That Tweet

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The last few times we have been to Vegas (strictly for shows we hasten to add, not simply to gamble) we have tended to fly into LA and spend the day(s) before hand in and around Venice Beach.

On our last trip we couldn’t help but notice the Nom Nom Truck (shown to the right here) a food van that stops by hot spots and tweets its location – so for example you might get the tweet “31st and Ocean Park, please prepare yourselves. 1130 sharpish today”

Not much you might say but it surprises us that we don’t have the mobile digital display vans that we have in our industry do the same sort of thing,

SA Digiadvans are heavily featured on these pages and what could be more useful (and fun) for both the brands and media buyers who use their services AND for the consumers that the brands wish to engage to follow van locations (and of course the campaigns) by tweet. When you think that one of the USPs that SA promote so well to their customers is iDOOH (‘interactive’DOOH) and the interactive touch element of a campaign is pretty important (especially helpful in ‘recall’ so the research tells us) the tweet thing fits together quite nicely doesn’t it?

Come to think of it there are even many more geo-location specific services that vans such as this could offer. How about a DigiAdvan equivalent of the iPhone Gaydar app – i.e. an app (for either iPhone or Android of course) that tells you how close you are to a DigiAdvan and what campaign it is playing out?

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  1. Scott Anthony Says:

    I can say with confidence that the SA Digiadvan team are currently working on something very similar to this. We are engaging with numerous consumer campaigns such as the recent one for Wrigleys UK roadshow over 11 cities. we are looking to engage with additional audiences who may not see the campaign, but they can be informed of where to find the Digiadvan, and noted on how to benefit from the campaign, for example free give aways.

    We are also preparing for the tweeting app for the second round of the Oringina campaign, where free sample are handed out. We realise that there is a greater audience to reach, and reaching out to touch people is what we are commissioned to do.

    Tweeting SA Digiadvans are on their way. No doubt inferior poor screen quality LED versions will follow suit. However SA Digiadvans must maintain the first to market initiatives and keep driving technology in the DOOH sector.

    Watch this space. We want to shout out to Daily Dooh as we applaud their vision, on the ball once again. This is exactly why we engage with Daily Dooh.
    Scott Anthony
    SA group
    Global CEO

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