Two New Reports On Smartphone Market

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Smartphones allowing users to access the web and email, run thousands of apps, and share text and picture messages are now 25% of the U.S. mobile market, according to new last quarter data from The Nielsen Company, New York..

That’s up from 23% in the previous quarter. By the end of 2011, Nielsen is forecasting smartphones to overtake feature phones in the U.S. market.

Google’s Android OS has shown the most significant expansion in market share among current subscribers in the Smart phone world, grabbing a 27% of the recent smartphone subscrbers in the recent quarter.

Among current subscribers thinking of switching devices, the iPhone remains the most desired phone. Loyalty to the iPhone is evident with nearly 90% of current iPhone users and enticing 21% of Android users and 29% of Blackberry owners to consider a move to Apple.

A separate report from market research firm Strategy Analytics, Boston, says that global smartphone shipments rose 43% tp 60 millioin Q2, 2010, from the same period a year ago.

The firm cited as reasons a combination of subsidies from mobile network operators, competition from premium vendors and a growing range of lower-cost models.

Nokia led all vendors with 24 million smartphones shipped in Q2,m, representing 40% of the total market; Research in Motion shipped 11.2 million BlackBerry smartphones; and Apple shipped 8.4 million iPhones. Other vendors combined to sell a total of 15.9 million smartphones.

The 60 million total smartphones shipped accounted for 19% of all handset shipments during Q2.

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