Lighthouse Launches DuoLED

Chris Sheldrake

PLASA 2010 will see LED screen manufacturer Lighthouse Technologies launch a new product, dubbed DuoLED to the market.

DuoLED is described as a lightweight mesh product that has all the advantages of transparency and ease of handling but with an extra benefit – namely that with a simple flick of a switch it can also be used as a standard (LED) display panel.

This second mode is achieved by a set of shutters, which close behind the mesh and give the panels a solid appearance.

Lighthouse general manager, Peter Chan told us “DuoLED is a revolutionary product, which we believe will have a significant impact on the large format screen market. The implications of cost and warehouse space for rental companies needing to stock both mesh and standard LED panels are considerable, then there is the problem of potential differences in colour reproduction and image quality if both types are used together”.

DuoLED will be available in 12mm and 18mm pixel pitch versions with a brightness of 5,000 nits, accurate reproduction of 281 trillion colours and an IP65 ingress protection rating.

Each panel of both types measures 576mm square, is less than 150mm deep and weighs less than 9 kg, making DuoLED screens of any size relatively easy and fast to build.

DuoLED will be on demonstration at PLASA 2010 on the Lighthouse stand, 1-H8, with the company’s LED display experts on hand to explain the many advantages of this revolutionary product.

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