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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Although we usually subscribe to the mantra “why build when you can buy, why buy when you can rent” we can (and do) see occasions when rolling your own solution makes some sense.

Alex Hughes will tell you about journeys in these!!

We noticed a few weeks ago that Thinxtream Technologies ostensibly, an Indian software firm (Celstream is the parent company and many people in the industry will know and like their CTO Ranga Raj) announced that it had teamed up with LG CNS India Pvt. Ltd.

Through the partnership, LG CNS India will offer a complete digital signage solution based on Thinxtream’s PointMediaPro digital signage platform. Markets served will include financial services, manufacturing, retail, media & entertainment, and public services & utilities.

PointMediaPro is described as “an advanced enterprise-class digital signage and media management system designed to address the complex and diverse needs of operating a sophisticated multi-screen network, maximizing the accuracy and timeliness of messaging while streamlining workflows and reducing costs” phew but people we respect in the industry say it pretty much does what it says on the box.

Commenting on the partnership, LG CNS India’s President, Mr. Youngchel Yun told us “We are pleased to partner with Thinxtream. PointMediaPro’s flexibility and customization capability will enable us to deliver comprehensive, turnkey solutions for large-scale digital signage networks.”

About LG CNS India Pvt. Ltd.

LG CNS India is wholly owned by LG CNS whose parent company is LG Corporation.

Since the foundation in 1987, LG CNS has made continuous efforts to become the best customer value-creating IT partner in the world. With its 7,000 IT professionals, LG CNS has been providing superior information technology services including consulting, system and network integration, outsourcing, enterprise solutions, smart convergence, and other strategic businesses such as mobile, cloud computing and smart green city.

LG CNS India specializes in providing offshore IT services for leading IT services companies, Independent Software Vendors, and End User companies across the globe. With abundant industry-specific knowledge, proven advanced IT technology expertise and the industry’s top service quality, LG CNS India makes people’s lives more convenient, futuristic and enjoyable by driving the national and corporate information-oriented culture.

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