Minkus Electronic Display Systems

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

I just spoke to Mr Loren Minkus and not surprisingly he wouldn’t answer any questions but simply referred me to his legal counsel.

Loren Minkus

It may well just be a coincidence but interestingly the registered address for Minkus Electronic Display Systems is Suite 400, 2711 Centerville Road, Wilmington, Delaware which is also home to CSC, a registered agent in Corporate Governance and Litigation Management.

I left a message with his legal counsel who we are told is Sean Cunningham, DLA Piper, San Diego and subsequently spoke with the company’s senior media guy who is going to try and get me more information.

Loren Minkus is a 35 year veteran with Motorola Inc. and is currently listed as director of portfolio management for Motorola. His corporate profile states “Loren has oversight management responsibility for minority equity investments throughout the corporation. Loren is the secretary for the Motorola Equity Investment Board, which reviews and approves all minority equity investments (new and follow-on) and divestments across the company”.

Loren has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Southern Illinois University and an MBA in International Business from Roosevelt University and hardly seems the type that we would call an ‘inventor’.

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