More Minkus Madness

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Based on the all-of-a-sudden flurry of activity, we fully suspect everyone already named in the Minkus lawsuit to be served by the middle of November. The last few days has seen more writs be issued and several folks granted extensions. See Friday’s post ‘Minkus Serves More Writs‘ as well.

First of all we understand that Lamar have agreed to sign a document that says they waive the personal service of the summons and in exchange, they get 60 days to respond, instead of the usual 21 (i.e served and extended in one fell swoop).

Extensions were granted to Adaptive Micro Systems LLC and STRATACACHE whilst E-Cast Inc. asked for their out-of-state attorney to be allowed to participate.

The following folks will wake up on a Saturday morning to find out that they have been served the summons…

  • 3M Digital Signage
  • Aristocrat Leisure Ltd.
  • Barco NV
  • Dynamax Technologies Ltd.
  • Omnivex Corporation
  • Opto Tech Corporation
  • Remote Media Group
  • Zoom Media Inc.

This is not a good end to what has been a good year for the industry.

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