Dylan Jones Esq, The Celebrated Donkey Buyer

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We strive to give our regular contributors as much free press as we can (it’s the least we can do for all their hard work in industry reporting on our behalf) and in the first of a semi-regular series we are going to take a look at one of these unpaid volunteers based in California.

Ladies and Gentlemen we give you ten things you did NOT know about Dylan Jones…

  1. Dylan used to head up the creative department at PRN
  2. In a former life he wrote movie trailers and helped launch US Cable TV Networks in Europe
  3. Dylan is originally from Wales (the small country to the left of England where it rains a lot)
  4. Dylan was the key creative/programming lead on the original Walmart Smart Network
  5. Moved to California eleven years ago (thank you Green Card and ‘American wife’)
  6. Dylan is always listening to music and has 15,000 songs on his iPod.
  7. Loves Top Gear and any British show he can download from uknova.com
  8. Lives and works in Oakland CA
  9. Recently re-launched and re-branded TargetCast Networks 600 screens
  10. Has created hundreds of commercials for advertisers in the DOOH space and was recently commissioned by RMG to write, create and produce the ‘active consumer’ videos behind Garry McGuire’s keynote speech at the Digital Signage Investor’s Conference back in New York

Dylan of course now runs his own content and creative agency for DOOH, Jones Digital Media, he also Tweets periodically, Foursquares’ when he remembers, thinks that Ad Agencies are still struggling with DOOH creative (and they seriously need to get their sh*t together when it comes to DOOH campaigns) and is eager to work with any out of home network that needs compelling, engaging content!

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