Intel Update: Cognovision Acquisition

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

TechCrunch reporting on our exclusive last week with regard Intel’s acquisition of Cognovision is reporting that “Intel has confirmed that it has acquired CognoVision. Terms of the deal, which closed in September, are not being disclosed”.

It goes on to say that “A spokeswoman for Intel told TechCrunch that the acquisition is part of Intel’s ongoing development of its digital signage strategy”.

As usual you heard it hear first but nice that Intel should acknowledge the acquisition.

2 Responses to “Intel Update: Cognovision Acquisition”

  1. Sales Top Gun Says:

    I don’t understand why firms with no operational experience in remote machine management continue to buy software companies with products that do not scale. The market has shaken out. If you provide large solutions today, you win. If not, you never will… you’re wasting your money and time.

  2. Curious acquisition Says:

    You would think that in order to have a digital signage strategy, Intel should have started by acquiring one of the digital signage vendors… not face counting software.

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