Panasonic And Haivision Partner For Signage

Geny Caloisi

Panasonic Solutions announced a new partnership with Haivision to create a complete digital signage solution for businesses that is easy to purchase, install and operate.

The idea is to combine Haivision’s CoolSign digital signage software platform, pre-configured on a powerful media player PC, and Panasonic’s professional LCD displays. The software will initially be bundled with Panasonic’s LF20 Series  Full-HD LCD displays, the 47” TH-47LF20U and the 42” TH-42LF20U, the company’s brightest LCD models for retail signage.

“Panasonic and Haivision are collaborating to ease the adoption of digital signage,” said Rick Albert, VP Sales, Professional Display Solutions. “Our partnership with Haivision will open up new opportunities for delivering quality digital signage solutions to specific vertical markets via the CoolSign software.”

According to the companies, this enterprise-grade solution is easily learned and used, allowing end-users to efficiently display, distribute, and control digital media on networked digital displays from a central location. CoolSign includes all the capabilities that marketing, communications, and IT managers demand including security, monitoring and device controls, n-Tier Architecture, multi-casting, and compatibility with most network types such as LAN, DSL, 3G/Cellular, and satellite.

“Integrators have wasted time and money managing the procurement and coordinating the delivery of numerous endpoint items”, said Bob Harris, Vice President, Business Expansion, Panasonic Solutions Company.  “This signage solution combines best-in-breed software and hardware into one easily installed and simple to use digital signage solution for multiple applications. CoolSign software will allow companies to create, manage and deliver powerful, dynamic content across an unlimited number of Panasonic displays, helping end users drive business.”

This bundled includes CoolSign player license certificate plus a two-year parts and service warranty.

4 Responses to “Panasonic And Haivision Partner For Signage”

  1. Big Says:

    Anyone remember the Planar Bobcat?! Good luck Haivision…been there…done that…no one needs a screen that can only play one region of video…poorly and for more money than Macbook Pro.

  2. Raffi Vartian Says:


    Takes a Big Man to snipe anonymously doesn’t it?

    If anyone would like to take a look at the CoolSign/Haivision solution, please feel free to contact me at raffi [at]

    That includes you Mr. Big, whoever you may be.


  3. Roger Chen Says:

    Not the first or second foray into this niche for Panasonic. A few years back they adopted a poorly copied version of PADS called ITX cast developed in Singapore by Eins Tech. Led by a hoodlum called Robbie, ITX provided their own slot PC and software. The Dutchies from PADS ( Net Display Systems) went apeshit on finding out that their Singapore based distributor, yes the very same Eins Tech had been reverse engineering their applications. Seemingly there was a show down in a Singapore hotel between Ludoivcus, CEO van Geldrop of Net Display Systems, Robbie, his lawyer and the well known Irishman , (NDS then head of international sales, Mark Leo). The long and short of it was that EinsTech denied reverse engineering the PADS apps. About a year later, Panasonic quietly dropped the ITX software as it just didn’t work. Panasonic the best thing to do is steer clear of software and stick to your knitting, making pretty good pro panels.

  4. Mark Leo Says:

    Mostly correct and best of luck to Coolsign- Haivision with Panasonic. There was no showdown in Singapore, only a straightforward meeting between 2 parties and no 6 guns were drawn.

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