DPAA InfoCenter

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We hear that InfoCenter is the formal new name being given to the online planning tool for ad agencies, media agencies and advertisers, announced last October at the Digital Place-based Advertising Association 2010 Media Summit in New York.

It’s the DPAA’s new tool specially aimed at easing the way for media planners and buyers to sort out what they are looking for and making digital place-based media easier to buy. Developed for the DPAA by Ayuda Media Systems, Montreal, we hear it’ll go live at the end of this month for free to the 25 or so members of the DPAA.

We understand that once it’s up and running, InfoCenter might be opened up to allow non-DPAA networks to be listed for a nominal fee that we think will average around $5,000.

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  1. Sue Danaher Says:

    Thanks Gail for the tease of InfoCenter. FYI, it should be considerably less than $5,000. We’ll be asking for a nominal fee to cover our administrative costs: more like $1,000 per year for non- DPAA members.
    Thanks again and I’ll keep you posted on other developments.

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