Also Known As (aka) Not There (NT)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Dozens of you have asked me what has happened to

Once it was ‘the’ place to go to get news, inside information and gossip on the industry (I always thought that the editorial was slightly biased towards some of its sponsors) but a year ago I would still have said that it was the pre-eminent source of industry information. The writing itself I always thought was superb.

The last story to go up on the site was 8th October and many of you have told me that you have turned off your RSS feeds to the site (the feed with nothing coming thru certainly takes up valuable screen real estate on my own private iGoogle page).

I have blogged previously that Barnaby Page recently left them to start an competitive online venture with ScreenMedia magazine.

The owner(s) of have allegedly been in the process of selling the business for some time – I suspect that it is not worth much more than the (outstanding) annual sponsorship contracts left to run but someone will buy it for the email subscription list (you will know when it has been sold when you all get ‘spammed’ with emails from them announcing something new).

Subscription numbers for them are an impressive 11,000 or so but they must have lost all their page views and traffic by now.

3 Responses to “Also Known As (aka) Not There (NT)”

  1. Kristan Says:

    I’ve also reluctantly removed my RSS feed from

  2. Digital Signage News Says:

    Is on the way out?…

  3. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    I’m not sure if that is (necessarily) the case but no new stories since early October gives you some idea of what they are (not) up to!

    I think Bob Clarke is desperate to flog it as he has had to subsidise it despite the sponsorship revenues from you know who.

    I have built enough online businesses during the dot com days now to know that you live and die by your editorial. In the Web 2.0 world same applies, participation is key also of course – err where’s the interactivity with ?

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