Go GOOGLE yourself…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s absolutely fascinating how people find you (not literally of course when you meet) – but how they find you or your product online. WordPress has a great tool that tracks the search terms used to get to your site.

In the last few days the list below contains the majority of search terms that ended up in a visit to DailyDOOH…

  • eurowide media
  • dooh
  • jml digital signage
  • “audience measurement” & “trumedia”
  • dailydooh
  • G S Sridhar, President – Outdu
  • streetbroadcast litelogic
  • Christian Vaglio-Giors
  • digital out of home media conference
  • streetadvertisingservices
  • 42media group postbank
  • Outdu funding
  • amigo digital content India
  • vjivenetworks
  • costcutter in tune radio
  • relevance of OOH(out of home media)
  • devang raiyani
  • amigo India
  • “audience measurement” & “facial”
  • alex hughes
  • display advertising screens in taxis
  • dailydooh.com
  • quividi digital
  • streetbroadcast screen display

To me it gives a little bit of sense to what is going on, what people are looking for.

I also have to say a big welcome to almost 20% of new visitors who are coming to the site from interactive investor forums and the such like – looking for information (and hopefully finding it) on the UK AIM listed stocks that we cover here.

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