H&M Shows Flying 103” Screens

Geny Caloisi

Swedish retailer H&M has a jaw dropping digital signage installation on its flagship store in the Champs-Elysees.  There are a total of eleven double sided 103in screens that move up and down the store and also go side ways on the top floor window.

From the street you can see a screen disappearing into the floor on the left and a screen showing a rose on the back of the right window

As the screens move, images change and I could have stood there watching for quite a while, (well okay if it wasn’t so cold and windy!).

In a way, this installation is a cross between a piece of art and digital signage. Sometimes the screens display posters with prices and some times they just have beautiful images.

Window screen with the rose from inside the store by the door

The 2800 square meters store, opened in October last year, was designed by Jean Nouvel and H&M.

The lifting system to move the screens is incredibly big and you can actually hear a constant buzz inside the store. But what a spectacle!!

The French like it. This is the 140th H&M store in France and the 11th store in Paris. Expansion will continue to be a focus for France for 2011 with stores planned for both new and existing cities. The new Champs-Elysees H&M store is situated at 88 avenue des Champs-Elysees.

Lets keep our eyes peeled to see how H&M exceeds it self on new stores.

From the street window, looking down, you can see the strong chain sand poles where the screens slide up and down

Looking up from the street entrance, you can see the motor that lifts and lowers the screens. (the top of the head on the picture is the from a poster in one of the screens that had reached its upmost position)

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  1. Bill Yackey Says:

    I’m headed to Paris in May, I will definitely have to check this out.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    While you’re there check out the headquarters of Paradis Des Fruits, a Phillipe Stark interior featuring 10+ 103″ plasmas floor to ceiling and slow-mo footage of fruit dropping into water and yoghurt. I worked on it a couple of years ago for AMX and the content left me breathless. Don’t know who the integrator was but I do know they must be the most expensive smoothies in the free world to pay for all the kit that went in!!

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