When Content Starts To Think…

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

greetings loyal readers of the DailyDOOH! Manolo Almagro here – reporting in from the vast fringes of the digital place based media cosmos. Over the past few months, I’ve been privy to some very interesting initiatives that in my humble opinion are going to be the basis behind “changing the game” on how content and interactivity will be developed for DOOH installations near future.

Imagine a world where software is allowed to breed free unfettered by license agreements that stifle adoption, a planet where open source is nurtured by a community of passionate developers, artists and techno-gearheads that are continually evolving functionality for the greater good.

This isn’t a fantasy, its happening, right here, right now.

Behold…Processing 1.0 a cross-platform, open source, object oriented programming language created by the uber-elite geeks at MIT’s MediaLab.

Check out the link and you’ll understand why creatives love this tool.

Its rapid adoption as the electronic sketchbook tool of choice stems from the fact that it’s designed as a non-programmer’s-programming tool.

Easy to learn, fast to prototype, with the bonus of instant gratification through visual feedback. So, now you probably wondering, OK… I get it BUT what does this have to do with DOOH?

Well it means that more intelligent, interactive content is about to break out onto the scene, far beyond the motion capture or touch screen realm we have seen so far, oh by the way, it doesn’t need to piggyback on player platform either…

Check out some of the work being done now.

I liken this trend to the way “blogging” became mainstream, when we made it easy for non-techy folks to create websites and make posts, suddenly everyone and their dog had a blog.

When we build a bridge for creatives to build self-generating animations, interactivity and intelligence into their content, now that’s a game-changer.

Which brings me to the point of this whole article, the biggest challenge is yet to come, I have yet to find a software or hardware platform that has the ability to support Processing executables as a content type… if any of you digital signage solution providers are reading this – better get ready for Processing…

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